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Second sight: The potential of smart glasses in IR

By Elise Castelli posted 06-09-2016 14:42


With the announcement that major health centers are investing in Google-Glass-like applications to ease electronic medical record workloads, our spring IR Quarterly article about the use of smart glasses in IR is particularly timely.

The article profiles IRs who are innovating their own smart glass applications that put within reach the IR Holy Grail: line-of-sight access to chart and image scans that can be superimposed over the patient’s anatomy.

Imagine: no more going into another room to check the monitor throughout the procedure, no more looking back and forth at a monitor, and no more multiple CT scans throughout a procedure (which will reduce a patient’s radiation exposure).

From using recording to improve later dictation to tying applications to fiducial markers to guide needle placement for biopsies and other procedures, smart glasses may be the digital iteration of the red goggles.

Check out the pioneering doctors on the frontiers of wearable technology on page 38 of the current issue