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Harmful effects of Heroin

Heroin has dangerous effects on human body. It produces a chemical that goes to the opioid receptors of the brain that makes us happy. Over a period of time, the heroin users gets addicted to this ‘happy chemicals’ in the brain. The brain sends message to heart, lungs, nervous system that they need not work so hard and makes them feel relaxed. Heroin has many side effects and slows down the nervous system of human.

Withdrawal symptoms of heroin

So when they try to withdraw, they get anxious, rapid heartbeat and nausea are felt. When the nervous system tries to restore back to the original speed, the body hurts. They get nausea and vomiting to flush the bad chemicals from their body. Death occurs during heroin withdrawal for two reasons. Firstly, the withdrawal symptoms may be very painful that sometimes heroin users tries to harm themselves like depression and suicidal thoughts. Secondly, after the heroin is detoxed or flushed from the addicts body, the tolerance decreases and when they try to use again, it might result in overdose and in death. This is the main reason that a rehab or addiction treatment centre to recommended so that the addict is safe.

Some of the physical withdrawal symptoms are nausea, vomiting, sweating, severe cramping, muscle or joint pain, tremors and hypertension. But these suggest that the addict’s body is trying to get out of the chemicals and it signals a healthy recovery. Some psychological withdrawal symptoms include extreme cravings, insomnia, agitation, restlessness, lack of focus and fatigue. It takes quite some time for the addict to get out of these symptoms after complete withdrawal.

Process of Heroin Detox

Heroin Detox generally takes one week time to complete depending on the person’s mental health, physical health advice and age. The addicts might face seizure during withdrawal because of dehydration. So it is essential to stay hydrated and well nourished by consuming nutrient dense food in small quantities. High fiber food and green vegetables helps to speed up the metabolism and ensure there is no seizure.

There are few steps involved in Detoxing the body from HeroinIt is recommended to be done in rehab centers. But some do heroin withdrawals at home as well but it is not recommended. At rehab centers, the process involves few careful steps for about one week time. It may take a few extra days as well.

Days 1-2: The addict gets physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms as mentioned above within the first six hours.they get anxious, frustrated, nausea, diarrhea, fever. They get uncomfortable.

Day 3-5: The physical withdrawal symptoms peak and they feel terrible pain in their body. Due to the lack of drug in their body they experience restlessness and anxiety. But they will be able to think a little clear than before.

Day 6-7+: Physical symptoms would have completely stopped. Anxiety might fluctuate and they get depressed. Then the patient is sent to rehab centre for a therapy. Those who detox at home must go to counseling or group therapy at this time.