ENDORSED: RISQCS: Radiology Interventions Safety, Quality, and Complications Symposium

Starts:  Sep 11, 2020 9:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  Sep 14, 2020 5:00 PM (ET)
Our goal with this inaugural IR Medicolegal, Quality and Safety conference is to fill a current
educational void in the field of IR and offer a dedicated medicolegal, risk management and peerlearning
complications symposium, designed for practicing Interventional Radiologists and IRsin-
training, with special attention to early career IRs.
The symposium will provide honest, in depth and informative insights on the ever-evolving,
multi-dimensional landscape of complications, adverse events, medical error, risk management,
and litigation in IR through engaging collegial sessions that will provide practical learning for
the practicing IR.
To accomplish this objective, this dynamic educational virtual symposium will include the 3
following core educational components:
1. Introduction to Risk Management in IR:(Friday, September 11th: 5-9:30pm): How has IR
become a ripe domain for medical error and litigation? How do we as innovators in IR
successfully persist while managing the risk inherent in our minimally invasive work?
2. IR Complications Mastermind:(Saturday, September 12th: 8:05am-1:00pm): Vascular- and
Nonvascular- themed peer-learning complications sessions, featuring clinical and technical
didactics paired with known and unknown case-based hot seat discussions.
3. Medicolegal IR: Liability, Defense, and Recovery:(Monday, September 14th: 5-9pm):
Defense attorneys who have built a career defending IRs, and IRs who have successfully
emerged through malpractice suits will share requisite pearls and pitfalls. What does one do or
not do? How does one recover? How does one make it through in one piece?