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TIRADS ACR : What Radiologists Need To Know!

TIRADS Introduction:

With the advent of high-resolution ultrasound, the number of thyroid nodules being detected is increasing. Most of these nodules are benign. Even the smaller malignant nodules have an indolent course. Also, the mortality associated with papillary thyroid carcinomas has remained low. Hence it is essential to evaluate which of these nodules actually need a fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC)/biopsy, which is the most effective method currently to diagnose whether a particular nodule is worrisome. Unnecessary biopsies can result in a burden on the healthcare system without significant benefits. An online paper writing service offers an original radiology content crafted by our professional essay writers.




What is TIRADS / ti rads / TI-RADS and what does it stand for?

TI-RADS stands for Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System. It is a reporting system for thyroid nodules on Ultrasound formulated by the ACR, akin to BI-RADS developed for breast ultrasounds. It consists of guidelines regarding whether a thyroid nodule should be followed up on ultrasound or to should be biopsied.


What is ACR TIRADS? 

Different variations of the TI-RADS classifications and recommendations are available, the most commonly followed one is the ACR TI-RADS. A recent study published in AJR confirms that the ACR TI-RADS performs well as compared to other scoring systems.

ACR  Committee for TI-RADS has the following objectives:

Develop management guidelines for nodules that are discovered incidentally on CT, MRI, PET or ultrasound.

Produce a lexicon to describe all thyroid nodules on sonography.

Develop a standardized TI-RADS risk-stratification system based on the lexicon to inform practitioners about which nodules warrant a biopsy.

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TIRADS Guidelines:

The guidelines have been described as per the ACR TI-RADS 2017 radiology white paper. 

These guidelines provide criteria and recommendations for follow up and biopsy of thyroid nodules.

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A simplified approach to thyroid ultrasound and TI-RADS:

The interpretation guidelines in the ACR white paper may seem complex to radiologists and sonologists. ACR has excellent resources to simplify the reporting of thyroid nodules. These include the TIRADS atlas, reporting templates and educational webinars on the topic.