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 Find and Fix Afterthought Fragments in your Essays – Guide 2021

Afterthought is defined as a fragment of a sentence that clarifies or mitigates the confusion within a fragment by providing required or specific details. An afterthought is called so because it lacks the main clause. The absence of the main clause makes an afterthought a fragment. Some of the common examples of an afterthought are, for example, especially, such as, excluding, like, and for instance. In addition, afterthoughts can be in the form of some markers that add to the meaning of the words or phrases that are used. In a nutshell, the ultimate aim of using an afterthought is to add to the meaning.

The significance of afterthought fragments can be justified by analyzing an example of any Essay Writing Service in which a writer is required to leave no space unaddressed. Such essays are written to come up with a logical and authentic insight into a topic or generating a sequential approach that can help readers adhere to a single point of argument. It is evident that writing such an account can bring a writer into trouble if afterthought fragments are either not appropriately added or they are not fixed. 

In order to help you with such issues, I am going to help you with some techniques that you can use to find and fix afterthought fragments in your essay. There are two major and the most common techniques that can be used to address the issue of an afterthought in essay writing. Using these techniques you can create a logical glow in the essay along with a nonverbal cohesion that can facilitate conveyance of meaning as intended.

1-      Adding a subject and verb

One of the major ways that can help you to fix the afterthought fragment is to add a subject and verb. In other words, it is more like adding the main clause. In addition, it will help you to convey the complete sense i.e. meaning between the Write My Paper. One such example can be, for example, red balloons, pink ribbons, white curtains, and yellow carpet. Reading this sentence you will feel that a measure of cohesion is created. It can be observed that without adding the fragments such as “red balloons, pink ribbons, white curtains, and yellow carpet", you see there is no cohesion and even there is a literal space left in the sentence that shows a lack of meaning or absence of completion.

2-      Attaching the afterthought fragment

Another idea that you can use to fix the afterthought fragment is to attach it at the end of the main clause. It is one of the options that you can use to communicate the other versions of afterthought expressions. It is helpful when you are using except, excluding, and including type fragment thoughts. Here a sentence will be a combination of the main clause with that of the afterthought. In practical examples, it may appear like,

Janice has many careless habits such as keeping doors unlocked, not listening to the phones including a harsh attitude towards the neighbors. Analyzing this sentence, it can be observed that there are multiple conditions and ways that can be used to fix the afterthought Paper Writing Service.

It is important to note that the idea of ignoring afterthought is not a good one as it can lead to blur meaning or unfulfilled intentions. In a number of cases, it can result in incorporating a sense of incomplete meaning that can hamper the crux of the essay. Such a situation and actions will not only lead to the deduction of marks but it can become one of the major reasons that the readers can become more college essay writing service or he can even stop reading the essay.