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06-26-2020 11:45 AM

Mentor Match makes networking easier than ever

By Jaimin Shah, MD  Summer 2020

Interventional radiology is a small community, but it may not feel that way as you navigate the challenges of your early years as an attending physician. The programs and activities of SIR’s Early Career Section (ECS) aim to ease this transition, particularly the SIR Mentor Match Program. Mentor Match provides a network of mentors and peers who can help with many aspects of IR life: challenging cases, navigating hospital politics, employment contracts, work–life synergy, research, building a practice and more. 

Mentorship is a two-way street where mentors and mentees learn and grow from their interactions and enhance their professional and personal relationships. While mentors may pass on their skill, experience and creativity to their mentee, the unique perspectives and challenges that a mentee may relay to a mentor will help guide training for future interventional radiologists and help grow our specialty.

“The Mentor Match program is an efficient and novel method to provide mentorship and help out the IR community,” said Abouelmagd Makramalla, MD, who serves as a mentor through the program. “It attracted my attention as an opportunity to give back to the IR community, and provided an easy and quick approach for medical students, residents or fellows who needed mentoring in different areas such as career advice, research and different training aspects. I highly encourage every IR provider to engage in this great opportunity.”

According to Shantanu Warhadpande, MD, his mentor, Charles “Chuck” Martin III, MD, played multiple roles over time: “When we first met, I didn’t really know what I wanted from our mentoring relationship. Early on, I was looking for reassurance that I’d made the right decision in choosing IR. Now I simply enjoy catching up with him. Nevertheless, he intimately knows what I want from my career and continues to guide me toward my professional goals. I believe this is the best iteration of a mentor–mentee relationship: equal parts professional and personal.”

Aspiring ECS mentors and mentees build profiles on a free, searchable online database provided by SIR. Based on preferences, IRs will match with other members according to location, career interests, areas of expertise and practice setting (e.g., non-university/private practice, outpatient or academic).

Mentor Match participants can choose how to meet (in person, by phone or online) and discuss ways to enrich their early careers or provide support to one another. This powerful online networking and career development tool helps IRs find, connect with and share experiences with others.

Matching you with senior ECS members with more than 5 years of experience is invaluable as you navigate your new career. If you are more than 5 years into your career, please consider enrolling as a mentor. Additionally, we hope that you will consider mentoring a resident, fellow or medical student member as they transition into practice.

This is a great opportunity for ECS members to get more involved with SIR and help shape the specialty. Learn more about Mentor Match at

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