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Kinked Wire ep.030 

03-31-2022 09:12 PM

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Episode 30: Improving patient care through the VIRTEX Data Registry

How the VIRTEX Data Registry helps demonstrate IR value and improve patient care

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April 1, 2022

 If you think, "You know, I do what other people do but I do it a little bit better," you really should know whether that is indeed the case. So , do I really do my procedure with the best efficiency?  the lowest cost? the lowest radiation? the lowest contrast dose? That's the idea.  Be armed with data." —Matthew S. Johnson, MD, FSIR

Guest host Jaimin Shah, MD, speaks with Raj Shah, MD, FSIR, and Matthew S. Johnson, MD, FSIR, about how participating in the VIRTEX Data Registry helps interventional radiologists demonstrate their value, improve patient care and strengthen the specialty.

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Note: This episode was recorded on  March 14, 2022.

Podcast participants

Raj Shah, MD, FSIR, is co-chair of the SIR Standardized Reporting Subcommittee and director of IR and associate chief of radiology, VA Palo Alto Health Care System.

Matthew S. Johnson, MD, FSIR, is SIR president and an interventional radiologist in the Indiana University School of Medicine. 

Jaimin Shah, MD, is editor of IR Quarterly magazine and an interventional radiologist based in New Jersey.



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