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Do you have a backup plan? 

06-12-2022 15:09

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Hope Racine, SIR TODAY 2022 | Monday, June 13

Troubleshooting: Exploring alternative approaches and treatments to routine IR scenarios

Monday, June 13, 1–2:30 p.m.

Location: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, room 253C

It’s important to have a backup plan when a case gets challenging, be it encountering difficult anatomy or a complicated clinical scenario. “Troubleshooting: Exploring alternative approaches and treatments to routine IR scenarios” will provide education on formulating those back-up plans and educate attendees on how to troubleshoot a difficult case.

The session will focus on different scenarios, such as vascular dissections, nontarget embolization, complex vascular access, bleedings and challenging anatomy.

“Each member of the panel will provide alternative approaches and possible solutions to each case,” said session coordinators Maria del Pilar Bayona Molano, MD, and Ani Pillai, MD. The audience is encouraged to participate to build onto the discussion, and at the end of each case the therapy and outcome will be presented.

The goal of the session, according to moderators, is to identify various methods to troubleshoot and treat complications that can occur during regular practice. In addition, speakers will present on possible alternative therapies for routine procedures that become complicated and will highlight the value of team case discussion.

  • Wow, the splenorenal shunt is giant…
    • Speaker: Lorena Garza Garcia, MD
  • The varix ruptured. We need to rush!
    • Speaker: Jorge Lopera, MD, FSIR
  • The leg is cold. Oh no, the plug migrated!
    • Speaker: Anil K. Pillai, MD
  • Troubleshooting iatrogenic dissections during transarterial therapies
    • Speaker: David S. Wang, MD, FSIR



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