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Session preview: MSK from Basic to Advanced 

03-22-2021 16:54

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SIR Today 2021| March 26, 2021

“Although it sounds niche, the clinical practice of musculoskeletal interventions is pretty broad,” says Ogonna K. Nwawka, MD, one of the presenters during today’s “MSK from Basic to Advanced” session (5–6 p.m. Eastern).

Join faculty for five presentations on musculoskeletal (MSK) interventions, followed by a Q&A session moderated by Rahul A. Sheth, MD, and Resmi A. Charalel, MD, MPH. “This session is designed for IR practitioners who are just getting started or for those who are already experienced but want to learn more about cutting-edge techniques,” says Dr. Sheth.

The presentations include:

“Image-guided bone and spine biopsies are becoming ever-increasingly in demand,” says Dr. Jennings, and these procedures are often a patient’s first interaction with IR. In his lecture, Dr. Jennings provides guidance for MSK biopsies—such as how to ensure patient safety or pick the shortest route—and outlines the dangers of improperly performed biopsies. “Know the incisions used for limb-sparing procedures in each compartment and avoid them accordingly,” Dr. Jennings warns. “And always discuss the preferred route with the patient’s orthopedic oncologist.”

In “MSK Injections” Dr. Nwawka will present common MSK ultrasound intervention techniques for joints, tendons and nerves, and provide a checklist for each type of injection, focusing on anatomy, needle selection and orientation, trajectory, and injection volume. Likewise, Dr. Moussa will provide an overview of procedural considerations in “Non-spine Ablation/Stabilization.” According to Dr. Moussa, MSK ablation and stabilization is safe and effective, but requires early recognition, active management of complications, and extensive planning and familiarity with equipment and patient compatibility.

Dr. Yevich describes his “Fixation/Advanced Stabilization” lecture as a “crash course in advanced stabilization,” which will stimulate discussion of interventional oncologic stabilization of metastatic bone disease, review fixation options through case examples and literature, discuss technical and clinical challenges, and identify indications for combination procedures.

“MSK interventions represent a tremendous opportunity for IR to showcase its ability to deliver profound improvements in a patient’s quality of life with minimally invasive interventions,” says Dr. Sheth. “There are few aspects of our profession that are more rewarding than seeing patients immediately benefit from your procedure, as is often the case with MSK interventions.”

Registrants can view the session live on or on demand via the 2021 Digital Video Library.

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