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20 days ago

Fellows gain insight into JVIR's development and success


Aaron Maxwell, MD, Michael Acord, MD, Ziv J Haskal, MD, FSIR, Geroge Koshy Chiramel, MD, and Islam Elhself, MD

In 2018, the Ziv Haskal JVIR Editorial Fellowship was expanded to include four participants, including two IRs-in-training: Michael R. Acord, MD (Philadelphia), George Koshy Chiramel, MD (Vellore, India), Islam Elhelf, MD (Iowa City, Iowa), and Aaron Maxwell, MD (Providence, Rhode Island). On Nov. 5–8, the four Fellows received an insider's view of the development and growth of a scholarly journal.

Throughout the week, the Fellows shadowed JVIR Editor-in-chief Ziv J Haskal, MD, FSIR, at his office in Charlottesville, Virginia. Working intensively with Dr. Haskal to scrutinize manuscript submissions, they learned about the editor-in-chief’s decision-making process and role in shaping each issue.

The experience was augmented by daily lunchtime video-conference sessions with SIR staff leadership, representatives of JVIR publisher Elsevier and journal consultants. The sessions covered such topics as journal business models, publishing ethics and bibliometrics.

The two IRs-in-training found the experience to be both rewarding and eye-opening. According to Dr. Maxwell, “Seeing just how critical a role reviewers play in the editorial process, I now have a unique perspective on how a critical and competent manuscript review can positively impact the field of interventional radiology.” Dr. Elhelf agreed: “I now fully appreciate the decision-making skills that editors need to master to make important judgments, and I have a much better understanding of the different specific roles of reviewers and editors.”

Dr. Chiramel added, “The best thing about the program was that it was a small group—our discussions and interactions created a good learning environment. We all got to know each other as motivated professionals who are interested in doing more for the journal.”

Dr. Acord said, “I found the one-on-one time with Ziv to be the most valuable. I couldn’t believe that he was able to sit with us to review entire manuscripts line-by-line. This by far was the most impactful aspect of the entire fellowship.”

Read Dr. Haskal’s perspective in the February 2019 issue of JVIR.


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