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19 days ago

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Tuesday, March 23: Interventional oncology

Interventional oncology has grown significantly over the years and it is an integral part of interventional radiology services. Recognizing this growth, the Annual Meeting Committee tried to include all aspects of interventional oncology. There was also a concerted effort to include and diversify the speakers as much as possible.
—SIR 2021 Workshop Chair Nadine Abi-Jaoudeh, MD, FSIR

Daily science preview | 10 a.m.

Posted March 23, 2021

Learn all the details of the three concurrent scientific sessions scheduled for 10–11 a.m.
  • Interventional Oncology II
  • Ablation
  • Portal Vein/Basic and Translational Research

Session preview: Advanced Y-90 | 1 p.m.

Posted March 23, 2021
On Tuesday, SIR 2021 will present “Advanced Y-90” from 1–2 p.m. Featuring five individual lectures, the session will provide an overview of different applications of radioembolization and interventional oncology. Read more.

The best time to innovate

Posted March 23, 2021

An interview with 2021 Leaders in Innovation Award winner Andrew H. Cragg, MD, FSIR
Andrew H. Cragg, MD, FSIR, discusses his award, the future of IR and what innovation looks like to him. Read more.

Samdeep Mouli, MD, MS, receives recognition for work in Y-90 | 11 a.m.

Posted March 23, 2021

Samdeep Mouli, MD, MS, describes his work on yttrium-90 (Y-90) radioembolization of the prostate gland, which received the 2021 Dr. Gary J. Becker Young Investigator Award (presented today at 11 a.m.) and will be recognized tomorrow as one of the SIR 2021 Abstracts of the Year. Read more.

Visit the SIR 2021 Virtual Expo

Learn about impactful new products, take part in Corporate Symposia and even show what you know with SIR's IR Trivia Challenge—visit the SIR 2021 Virtual Expo today! Read more.

Ziv J Haskal, MD, FSIR, gives 2021 Dotter Lecture

Posted March 23, 2021

Yesterday, during his 2021 Dotter Lecture, “The Reluctant Cowboy: Moving Past Myth and Dogma,” Ziv J Haskal, MD, FSIR, deconstructed commonly held IR “myths” and dogmatic practice approaches, calling for a more rigorous culture of data and research. Read more.

Leadership remarks: Michael D. Dake, MD, FSIR

Posted March 23, 2021

On Monday, March 22, SIR President Michael D. Dake, MD, FSIR, addressed SIR 2021 attendees to reflect on the past year and look toward upcoming SIR initiatives: "Twelve months ago, we faced a clear choice: We either could watch as a devastating pandemic impacted our profession, or we could create a new vision of practice and inspiration. The IR community resoundingly chose the latter path." Read the full transcript of his remarks.

SIR Foundation 2020 and 2021 Research Awards

Posted March 23, 2021

Every year SIR Foundation’s award program recognizes outstanding achievements in research and innovation. The 2020 and 2021 research awards will be presented on Tuesday at 11 a.m. Read more.

GAE appears safe, effective and durable at providing osteoarthritis-related knee pain

Posted March 23, 2021
On Monday, March 22, Siddharth A. Padia, MD, FSIR, presented “Genicular artery embolization for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: Final results from a prospective investigational device exemption trial.” The abstract presents the results of a prospective, single-center, open-label FDA-approved study, which indicated that genicular artery embolization (GAE) is safe and effective at providing long-term pain relief for osteoarthritis of the knee. Read more.

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