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Further together: IR across the globe 

27 days ago

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SIR Today 2021| March 26, 2021

Join Friday’s plenary session “Further together: Inspiration through collaboration” at noon for a discussion on how to support IR globally and drive the specialty forward.

The plenary will focus on three main topics: The impact of IR on women’s health disparities, how to support IR training and certification abroad, and the status of specialty recognition across the globe.

IR impact on women’s health disparities

Ethel Rivas Zuleta, MD, from the Instituo Salvadoreño del Seguro Social, will present a brief lecture on the impact of the SIR Giveback Program, which sponsored a competency course on uterine fibroid embolization in El Salvador in 2019. According to Dr. Zuleta, the course, which was the culmination of a 2-year collaborative effort between SIR and the Ibero-American Intervention Society (SIDI), resulted in a reduction in the volume of hysterectomies and helped shine national attention on the issue of fibroids. “Fibroids are a health disparity on two levels,” Dr. Zuleta says. “One level is education. The other is the disparity of investment in research funding, compared to the prevalence of the condition.”

Following Dr. Zuleta’s presentation, there will be a panel discussion on the impact of IR on women’s health disparities, moderated Constantino S. Peña, MD, FSIR, and featuring Dr. Zuleta, George Behrens, MD, Kevin Anton, MD, PhD, and Derek L. West, MD, MS.

Developing IR training and certification paradigms

Robert G. Dixon, MD, FSIR, will present “Creating the First Fellowship Program in Kenya.” Dr. Dixon, the program manager for RAD-AID Kenya, helped set up a fellowship in Kenya, where there are only three radiology programs in the country. Dr. Dixon will reflect on his experience and offer suggestions and considerations to keep in mind when supporting training programs internationally and provide updates on the status of the first two IR fellows in Kenya.

After his presentation, Dr. Dixon will join moderator Parag J. Patel, MD, MS, FSIR, and panelists Karim Valji, MD, FSIR, Gireesh M. Warawdekar, MD, FSIR, and Raman Uberoi, MD, for a discussion on IR training and certification paradigms.

Specialty recognition—The path ahead

“Specialty recognition is a long and arduous process with many twists and turns,” says Michael Lee, EBIR, who will present “Pursuit of IR Specialty Recognition in Ireland.” Though it may be complicated, however, Dr. Lee says that the effort is worth it. In his presentation, Dr. Lee will discuss why specialty recognition is the next logical step in the development of IR, explain the complicated recognition process and update attendees on the status of Irish IR.

In a panel discussion following the presentation, Dr. Lee will be joined by moderator John A. Kaufman, MD, FSIR, M. Victoria Marx, MD, FSIR, Gerard S. Goh, MBBS, and Amol Mujoomdar, MD, FSIR, to take a closer look at how international societies can push specialty recognition in their countries.

Registrants can view the plenary live on or on demand via the Digital Video Library.

Watch for this article to be published on the morning of Friday, March 26.

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