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12-17-2020 15:37

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Welcome to SIR Today, your guide to the events, programming and faculty that make the SIR annual meeting a memorable meeting for the interventional radiology community each year. Watch for more preview content to be published in the coming weeks, as well as daily previews and recaps of scientific sessions, award presentations, and during the week of the meeting in June. For the latest details on presenters, times and locations, refer to the SIR 2022 website and the annual meeting mobile app.

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Cryoablation for breast cancer: Imaging, biopsy and cryoablation techniques

Posted July 14, 2022

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women, aside from skin cancers, and is the leading cause of cancer death for women across the globe. According to Jason P. Shames, MD, MBS, one in eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer—but breast cancer survivorship has tripled over the last 60 years, thanks to advances in imaging and increased screening. Read


Uniting for social change

Posted July 14, 2022

German physician Rudolf Virchow asserted that social problems are a physician’s responsibility, stressing the ability for physicians to enact social change through both practice and advocacy. Dr. Virchow’s words and message were emphasized by the speakers during the SIR 2022 session, “Physician-driven change.” The goal of the session was to highlight health care delivery and outcome disparities, and demonstrate the power and opportunities that IRs have to influence policy in support of the patient community as a whole—rather than of one patient at a time. Read

Shaping your practice with cosmetic IR

Posted July 14, 2022

Interventional radiologists are uniquely poised to incorporate cosmetic procedures into their toolkits, according to speakers in the “Cosmetics in interventional radiology” session, held during SIR 2022. The session introduced attendees to the basics of cosmetics, from sclerotherapy to liposuction. Read

Interactive stroke management: A look at the SIR 2022 Cerebrovascular Case Conference

Posted July 14, 2022

Presenters at the SIR 2022 Cerebrovascular Case Conference brought a multitude of cases and imagery that demonstrated the scope of neurointerventional disease states and techniques, from a carotid endograft revascularization case, to the challenging natures of extracranial internal carotid artery (ICA) aneurysms. Read

Building IR research

Posted July 14, 2022

A pervading theme heard throughout SIR 2022 was the importance of strong IR mentorship—a theme that was echoed repeatedly during the “Building IR research: Critical elements for success” session. The session introduced attendees to the key elements needed to begin and establish impactful research, from strong mentorship, to funding, to the finer points of paper writing. The keys, however, for any successful clinician scientist are a strong community and a supportive mentor. Read

SIR 2022 late breaking abstract excerpts

Posted July 14, 2022

This year’s late-breaking abstracts were presented in a session that took place on Wednesday, June 15, at 3 p.m. In this overview, SIR Today provides brief summaries of the research presented as well as quotes from presenters on the potential impact of their work. Read

Forging global connections

Posted July 14, 2022

At SIR 2022, the SIR International Scholarship Program celebrated both a return to in-person events and its 10th anniversary. The program, which has awarded International Scholarships to 134 individuals from more than 40 countries over the course of its history, provides physicians from other nations with an opportunity to learn, connect with other medical professionals, and share their home country's techniques at the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting. Read

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