Getting Started

1. Add a Profile Picture – Aside from looking professional, adding a picture allows other users know who they are talking to and encourages better responses. How To: Post a Profile Picture

2. Contribute – An online community is not about the platform or tools, but about people. Adding to the conversation not only increases your reputation, but also strengthens the community. A robust community is more enticing for new people and enhances the overall experience. How To: Post a Discussion

3. Keep it Brief – Posting short concise questions or answers increases the likelihood that someone will take the time to read and respond. Over-posting or adding posts that are consistently long will wear down your audience, and they may start skipping over your posts. How To: Visit the Open Forum

4. Expect a Response – Reciprocity matters! If someone messages you or posts a response, respond to them they are expecting it just as you would.

5. Think Before You Post –
It is important to consider the negative impact a post could have. Consider how a post would look to a friend or employer before making the post.

6. Offer Value –
Offer succinct and timely information that may be of benefit to others, as well as your personal experiences and knowledge, but refrain from promoting yourself or your own business.

7. Be Consistent – Visit SIR Connect on a regular basis. You’re more likely to find benefits from the discussions and make connections when you check in regularly.