SIR Nominating Committee and Gold Medal Awards Committee Volunteer Opportunity

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Signup Deadline: 06-17-2021
Starts: 06-20-2021
Ends: 03-31-2022


Annually, SIR convenes the Nominating Committee and the Gold Medal Awards Committee to select the future leaders for the SIR Executive Council and recognizing excellence, extraordinary contributions and distinguished service to the society and the IR profession through the awarding of the SIR Gold Medal. SIR is looking volunteers to serve a one- year term on the SIR Nominating Committee and Gold Medal Awards Committee and help shape the future of SIR. Interested volunteers can apply here. The deadline for volunteer applications is Sunday, May 23.

Nominating Committee
The duty of the SIR Nominating Committee is to seek out and select the best candidates for the open positions on the SIR Executive Council and to work with interested individuals to develop their future leadership opportunities and skills. Each year the nominating committee carefully evaluates the nominations in the context of the current and future leadership needs of the society. SIR's needs change from year to year, and there are many qualified candidates who apply. 

Gold Medal Awards Committee
The SIR Gold Medal was established in 1996 and is the highest honor that can be achieved in the field of interventional radiology.  This honor is bestowed for excellence and lifetime achievement in interventional radiology to those individuals who have rendered exceptional service to the field.  Gold Medal recipients exemplify those individuals who have dedicated their past and present talents to advancing the quality of patient care through the practice of interventional radiology, and who, by their outstanding achievements, also help to ensure the future of the field. The Gold Medal Awards Committee is charged with review nominations by SIR members and submit not more than three names for endorsement by the Executive Council. 


Volunteers Needed:

4 (4 open slots)

Experience Required:

Resident or Fellow




Caitlin Couture